Create a style and wardrobe you love

Imagine a wardrobe where getting dressed is a joy.  Where every piece of clothing fits you well, gets regularly worn and makes you feel like the best version of yourself.  Items are easily interchangeable and no matter what the occasion, you always have something to wear.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  Now think about your own wardrobe. Is it easy to put outfits together that you enjoy wearing? Does your current clothing style reflect who you are in a way that feels good?  Most of us will answer “no” to these questions at some point in our lives.  We might wake up one day and find that what once made us feel good just doesn’t work any more.  We believe that having a wardrobe of clothes that is easy to put together and that you feel confident wearing, just makes life more enjoyable! If you are ready to elevate your style contact us and start your journey today…

Covid-19 Update

We are delighted to finally be able to operate all of our services as normal once again. Please email us for bookings.

We are still offering our online “Style Refresh” consultation which offers excellent value. We do this via video call from the comfort of your own home. More details on that here.

Contact Us

Phone number:  (086) 3480899
We are open:  Mon-Sat  10 AM – 6 PM

A Recent Testimonial

“I booked the Wardrobe Therapy with Martha and Jessica and had an amazing time. I recently decided that it was time for a change, given that I had the same wardrobe for the last 10+ years and I recently started a new job. I got amazing pointers as to what would suit me and my lifestyle and what wouldn’t be so ideal on me. Seeing my own clothes transformed with some easy tricks and tips was amazing as well. I usually dread shopping as I never know, what to look for and if it actually suits me, but with Martha and Jessica’s input, I had a blast going shopping after we decluttered my wardrobe and defined my new style. Having pictures as to what kind and style of clothing would fit me and my body was really helpful in that regards.
Martha and Jessica really opened my eyes as to what fit me and how to create a wardrobe, I actually see myself enjoying. Thank you so much!”

Maura Johnson, Rochestown

Our Latest Posts

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I’m getting this post out just before Black Friday, a little last minute (of course) but hopefully it will help some of you with the often daunting task of buying clothing online. This is of course something many of us will be more used to of late thanks to Covid-19! If you’re someone who feels...

How To Create a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

As I write this I’m currently expecting baby number two. If you are reading this and you’re pregnant then congratulations!  I’ve been wanted to put this post out for a while as I know it’s an area that many women struggle with, what to buy and how to retain a sense of your own style...

Our New Online Service

Since the start of this pandemic we have been trying to figure out the best way to move forward with our business. After a little time out and lots of thinking we really feel that our Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Therapy services are best done face to face so that our clients can really get...

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