Our Top Ten Life & Style resolutions for 2012

If you haven’t already started your new year’s resolutions, there’s still plenty of time to begin.  In fact mid-January is often a more realistic time to start as the holiday season is well and truly over.  It shouldn’t be a chore, but a chance to do something positive for yourself.
So here are our resolutions (in no particular order) to help put a spring in your step:

  • Find time for yourself.  We always say this, but how many of us actually do it?  Even 30 minutes of “me time”, doing something you really enjoy (or nothing!) can be very rejuvenating.
  • Drink more water.  Obvious but often forgotten and vital for health and wellbeing! Start the day with a full 2 litre bottle and aim to finish it by the end of the day.  To make it more interesting you could add a squeeze of lemon or lime which are also cleansing.
  • Get outdoors more.  Preferably when it’s light, although the days are getting longer now, yipee!  A simple walk in the fresh air is de-stressing and can help if you suffer from SAD.
  • Get dancing.  If you have an aversion to the gym (as we do) taking up a dance class can be a lot more fun and fat burning at the same time.  Or get a few girls around and do a dance based workout DVD at home!
  • Plan and do.  Stop procrastinating.  There are tasks that just never seem to get done, but doing them will create real sense of satisfaction and achievement, then you can treat yourself for a job well done!  Create a list and do the worst first.
  • Start to spring clean your wardrobe.  Bag anything you no longer wear and put it to one side.  If you don’t miss it after 4-6 weeks the chances are you won’t wear it again.  Take to charity or expensive, good quality items can be sold at a dress ageny.  Then you have space for some fabulous new pieces.
  • Pamper.  When a woman is well groomed she can be glamorous in jeans and a T-shirt!  Looking after you hair, skin and nails will make you feel amazing and doesn’t have to cost the earth.
  • Practice self-confidence. Style and confidence go hand in hand.  You may not feel confident but you can certainly act it.  There are some things we can’t change about ourselves but confidence is the one thing you can fake and you will actually end up believing it!
  • Be kind to yourself.  Whem it comes to body image we are our own worst critics.  Especially as women, we can have a terrible habit of seeing the worst in ourselves.  But this achieves nothing except making us feel miserable, it’s a downward spiral.  Instead we should focus on what we do like by dressing to enhance our best features and drawing attention away from areas that are less than perfect.
  • Challenge your personal style.  Although “Fashion fades, style is eternal,” your personal style should keep evolving as you do.  A simple way to do this is to try on something different when you go shopping i.e. pick out item at least one item you would normally shy away from.  This will help break you out of that mould and see yourself in a new light.

Start with one and see how you go….
 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”

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