Show your true colours

Show your true colours

There is no denying the overwhelming profusion of colour this season.  The designers went colour crazy and of course their influence has filtered down to the high street stores, which are awash with a whole host colours and tones, enough shades to make your mouth water…  So if your wardrobe is seriously lacking in colour now is the time to remedy that!

With so much on offer it can be easy to get sidetracked, especially if you have magpie tendencies!  Just walking through the shops of late is enough to life your sprits and excite the senses.  But just because a colour looks gorgeous in the shop display does not necessarily mean it will look gorgeous on you; but a different tone of the same colour could look amazing.  The good news is, with so much variety out there this season, there’s sure to be a shade to suit you.

As always we never advise to buy into “trends” but to invest in items you love.  So making sure you buy a colour or tone that flatters you and fits in with your current wardrobe will mean you’ll feel good wearing and still enjoy wearing it in a few years time.   That’s true value!  Bright orange may be a vibrant colour with positive associations, but if it doesn’t make you look good, why would you buy it?  Colours that aren’t so flattering can of course be worn in small quantities and not near your face.  All it takes is a few clever buys to update your look and energize your wardrobe.  Here are a few ideas: 

Turquoise jeans €56 Oasis
  •  If a new pair of jeans is on your shopping list, why not try a coloured pair?  Just remember the rule: lighter colours will make you appear larger and darker tones are more slimming.
  • Wearing strong colours on your lower body can make them easier to wear as they’re not near your face.  You can then pair with a neutral top or colour block with a colour that flatters you.
Crepe long line jacket €78 Warehouse
  • Having a coloured jacket or blazer in your wardrobe is perfect for those occasions when you want to create a strong impact.  Just make sure the colour and shape flatters you.  This peach coloured jacket would be gorgeous with indigo denim jeans and a simple top or dress it up by wearing a contrasting coloured dress underneath.
  • You can add more power to pastels by combining a few together.  Choose from light aqua, lilac, pink, sky blue, mint green, peach and soft yellow but avoid very washed out shades which do little to enhance.
Fushia leather belt €30 French Connection
  •  If your waist is your best feature, emphasis it with a brightly coloured belt.  Again this is a great way to add in a bright colour on a smaller scale so it won’t overwhelm you.  You could try orange, green, yellow or blue also.  
  • Brights can also be used to liven up pastels, e.g. this belt could look great worn with a pastel coloured dress such as peach or mint green.
Printed blouse €60 Warehouse
  • This printed blouse adds colour but the grey print tones it down and makes it easier to wear.
  • Colour can also be added in the form of print, this can make certain colours easier to wear as they can be in small doses and mixed with other shades and tones.  Just make sure the base colour suits you.
Chunky beaded necklace €11.18
  • Colour worn near your face can really brighten your overall appearance.  You can try experimenting in a small way with jewellery such as necklaces and earrings.
  • As well as enhancing visually, colour can have an effect on your mood and energy levels throughout the day, and therefore  your overall sense of wellbeing!

And as a final note, remember the right colours will enhance and flatter but shouldn’t be overpower you- you should wear the colour not the other way around!  If you have any questions about colour feel free to post them on our facebook page and we will answer them for you: Have fun x











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