The Challenge of Holiday Packing

Why does the challenge of holiday packing never seem to get any easier?  You’re probably thinking “Well if you can’t do it!”  The thing is I know myself, I like to have choices, I have an irrational fear of arriving at the destination and not wanting to wear anything I’ve packed; and why is it when on holiday one suddenly feels the need to change at least twice a day?

So planning an outfit for each day is not an option, the only answer then is to pack a collection of versatile mutli-taskers, that mix and match well with each other and that I love wearing.  What makes things a little trickier however is that I’m not going on a beach holiday and the forecast for my destination (North West Germany) is warm with a mixture of sunshine and showers!  Sound familiar?  Basically an Irish summer but warmer… So here I am, everything laid out on the bed, trying to form the perfect holiday capsule wardrobe that provides an outfit for every possible situation and weather condition that may arise and allows some choice without going over the weight limit (of course you have to allow for possible holiday purchases!)

I generally start by pulling out my favorite items of the moment (it’s funny, by doing this you suddenly start to realize what clothes in your wardrobe you actually like!) and working out realistically how many tops, bottoms, dresses I need etc, seeing what works with what and not bringing anything that will only work with one other piece.  This can be a good time to get creative and try different looks that you normally wouldn’t put together.  Shoes are always an issue, for this trip I’ve managed to get it down to four pairs: flat sandals, ballet pumps, wedges and ankle boots (I would forgo the ankle boots if rain wasn’t forecast).  This whole process would of course be a lot easier if I didn’t care so much or maybe if I was a man… in the middle of my strategic planning my boyfriend comes along and packs in about 5 minutes!

What it comes down to in the end is being realistic about what you need and dare I say a little “practical”.  Once you are there all you’ll want to do is relax, feel comfortable and good in what you are wearing, happy that you made the right choices, which leaves you to enjoy yourself!





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