Neil Danton Photography, September 2012.
24/7 Autumn Style: Update your wardrobe with versatile key pieces that will take you anywhereâ?¦
Leather jacket Eur465 by Bastyan at Brown Thomas; chiffon dress Eur65, studded cardigan Eur63, gold belt Eur26 all by Warehouse; leather lace-up ankle boots Eur159 by Unisa, necklace Eur89 by Hoss both at Lisboa Boutique.
Model: Geraldine Muhr.
Styling: Martha and Jessica Healy, The Art of Style.
Make-up artist: Andrea Murphy MUA.
Hair stylist: Caroline O’Connell, A Touch of Elegance.
Image credit: Neil Danton.
Image is licensed for personal and promotional use by Jessica Healy, The Art of Style.