Winter Sun

When you think about winter accessories what springs to mind?  Gloves?  Hat?  Fur?  Sunglasses?  You might not think of sunglasses as an essential winter  accessory (unless one is going skiing!)  However we have been enjoying some bright winter sunshine lately, even if it’s drizzley as I write.   Not only are sunglasses practical in winter (protecting our eyes from strong UV rays) they have also become a huge fashion accessory for winter style.  

Using glasses as a style statement is of course nothing new, but now certain celebs are rarely seen without them, some never.  Karl Lagerfeld has make dark glasses part of his signature style, no doubt to diguise his age as well as creating that aloof, detatched persona that comes with it.

Another big fashion name, Anna Wintour is often seen with large, dark, “Jackie O” style shades, even at fashion shows!  How she manages to see the clothes properly is a mystery…

And the trend is catching, take a walk down the street on a sunny winters day and see how many “regular folk” are sporting the look.  Extremists evening wearing theirs at night in clubs and bars (very rock and roll!)  Hibernating is usually not an option for most of us but hiding behind our shades can give a surprising amount of comfort when we’re feeling a little under par not to mention hiding those bags!  We can bury ourselves in layers and add dark glasses to finish the look.

When it comes to styles, the Ray Ban Wayfarer has become a cult classic and ideal for wearing year round.   Originally designed in 1952, the Wayfarer has been making a big comeback in recent years and has been seen on the likes of  Chloë Sevigny, Mary Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, Katie Perry and many more.  There are of course many variations and similar styles, the most famous in history perhaps being Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The Manhattan.  Check out   for great discounts on Wayfarers and other Ray Ban styles.

Although fashion may say otherwise, there are some styles of sunglasses that really don’t work in winter.   Light tinted lenses, bright colours, even tortoiseshell can be tricky to pull off.  If unsure stick with large, dark and fairly classic, Pippa Middleton has the right idea.  Sunglasses are of course an affordable way to buy designer, you may not be able to afford the dress, but you can at least have the sunglasses and they are certainly a worthwhile investment. For very good deals on designer sunglasses have a look at  an easy way to add a little mysterious glamour!







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