A Very Versatile Dress


Today I’m wearing…


I’m not usually one for posting pictures of myself… however, I did wish to share this versatile little number with you (“versatility” being one of our favorite words here at The Art of Style) and clothes always look better on a body!

I bought this dress just before Christmas from Warehouse (50% off in the sale… bonus!)  I was looking for an everyday dress that would be smart but not dressy… and of course comfortable.  I would describe this as a style of tea dress in it’s silhouette, unstructured and flowy with a small bow print (a cute alternative to floral).

Of course it’s handy that tea dresses are still on trend this summer, but then do they ever really go out of style with their figure flattery and vintage appeal?

And back to the dress.

Well it occurred to me that this may be the most versatile dress in my wardrobe at the moment and here’s why:


  • This dress was part of the winter collection, but the light fabric means it also works in summer with a bare leg (ok due to the rain today I threw on these leggings!)
  • In the winter I wore this with thick tights (burgundy a particular favorite of mine), ankle boots and another layer underneath like a polo neck or fitted long sleeve top.
  • A chunky cardi looks great thrown over for a more grungy look, or a short, neat one for a more ladylike appeal.
  • This dress works with both heels or flats, I’m wearing ballet flats here but love it with brogues also.
  • It came with this skinny patent belt, but this can of course be swapped around for a slightly different look.
  • I have worn this dress for work appointments and meetings, casually and going out in the evening!
  • In this picture I am wearing a vest underneath for work, but the peep hole can be a sexy yet subtle detail for evening…
I think you get the picture.  It’s clothes like these that make dressing easy and simple.  Style is rarely effortless, but this comes pretty close!


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