The Art of Ageless Style

Martha’s view on how to avoid a mid-life style crisis…

You are probably familiar with the line “50 is the new 40”?  So it’s obvious from this that our views about age have seriously shifted. Those of us in our fifties welcome this without question. Gone are the days of cutting off your beautiful locks and hiding behind frumpy frocks or stuffy suits. After a certain age you will want to say farewell to frills and frou-frou which are instantly ageing as well as second-skin cling.

Hoss Intropia

That said, if you have a figure there is no reason why you can’t show it off in a fitted dress or the hippest skinny jeans.  It’s how you style the look that will determine whether it looks effortlessly chic or like you just raided your daughter’s wardrobe. The key to getting this right is to let one trend be the focus of your look and tone everything else down by keeping it simple.  You can update your signature pieces with new season colours, prints and accessories, which means you can shop the look of the moment with confidence.  For style inspiration just look to women like Julianne Moore for classic elegance, or Carine Roitfeld for edgy cool.  It’s all about your own style journey and having fun and experimenting with the huge variety of fashion elements available to us.

Leather jacket by High
Jeans by J Brand












Scarf by Hoss Intropia


Dress by By Ti Mo















Many boutiques in Cork city and county stock fabulous ageless labels such as Hoss Intropia, By Ti Mo, High, Marithé François Girbaud which are great for individual statement pieces.  For more basics items try Cos, Zara or Gap. For jeans I found J Brand, Salsa, and Citizens of Humanity best for variety of fit.  Some of these may seem expensive at first glance but when you are still wearing and loving them in five years time, you’ll know they’re worth it and so are you!

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