The Art of Style Wardrobe Challenge!

During our Wardrobe Therapy consultations, one thing that is common with nearly everyone, is that people don’t really utilise what they have in their wardrobes.  This is often due to habit (and having so much clothing packed in that you can’t see what you have) which leads to getting stuck wearing the same clothes all the time!  Sound familiar?

Well a fun way to shake this up, is to wear a new outfit everyday for a week.  Just to be clear, an “outfit” is a combination of clothing and accessories worn together.  Keeping it simple, you only need to change one item to create a different outfit, within reason (e.g. just changing your earrings doesn’t count, but changing most of your accessories would).  Most of us have our failsafe choices that we know work for us, but it’s important to experiment a little – it’s a really good way to develop personal style and avoid getting stuck in a style rut!  It’s about getting creative and “shopping your wardrobe” for new looks you didn’t know you had by mixing and matching, sometimes clashing and challenging the “safe” choices!

We do this all this time with our clients, but everyone can try this themselves.  The great thing about doing this, is that you will often discover loved-but-forgotten items (shock!) and it also helps to weed out any items that don’t really work.

So there you have it…  the one week Wardrobe Challenge,  it can be done!

Please do “try this at home” and have fun with it, shake up your wardrobe and boost your style confidence!  Will you take the challenge?

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