What are your key pieces?

Jessica’s new season wish list…

It’s at this time of the year when I start to reassess my wardrobe, thinking about the season ahead and making mental shopping lists of what I need. I’m waiting for a day when I can do my end of season clear out which always helps this process! Moving on items that no longer work is somehow cleansing and can feel like a fresh start, a kind of “back to school” fashion ritual! A new fashion season is always exciting, but autumn/winter is the one that really gets my juices flowing; stacks of glossy September issues waiting to be read… and apart from my love of luxe layering, this might be because I live in Ireland, and chances are I will get much more wear from winter investments than summer ones (this summer being an exception!)

So the really big question is of course what to buy? Now I’m not going to tell you about trends or “must-have” items… My approach, a very practical one I’m afraid, is to look at what I have, and see what’s missing or what needs replacing.  Shoes are usually one of the first things on my list as you can easily capture the mood of the season with the right footwear!  For the past five winters or so, a pair of flat black biker style boots have been a staple for me, sadly they are now only good for walking the dog!  They were a seriously good buy, it’s hard to believe they lasted so long.

Letting go of favourite items can be hard as they almost become part of your style identity, but it needs to be done and new “favs” will be found.  Other items on the list are a skirt and trousers for work (big fan of separates for the working wardrobe), coloured knitwear (I’m a devil for neutrals), a couple of slinky T-shirts to layer under knits and blazers and a leather bag.   I apologize if this isn’t ground breaking stuff but the perfect wardrobe takes a little planning.  Don’t get me wrong, I do also buy trend inspired and fun items (usually accessories) but they can come later.  For now, it’s back to basics!

Wardrobe Updates:

Leather biker boots €90 from Office.co.uk
Selected Femme orange knit jumper €59.95 from Brown Thomas


Leather city bag €129 Zara
Black pencil skirt with ruffle €39.95 from Zara
Sheer Cotton T-shirt €25 from Cos at Brown Thomas
Silk-mix T-shirt €25 from Cos












Slim leg trouser €53 from Oasis

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