5 Budget Friendly Ways to Spring Style

At this time of year we all need a little boost. Colourful spring fashion is trickling into the shops now even though warmer weather feels like a distant dream!  But there are simple ways we can start to throw off winters gloom.   Small treats can actually make a big impact when it comes to boosting your mood.  I experienced this last myself weekend when I bought a new “spring” nail polish. A very, very pale pink, almost white shade by Essie which has been on my nails since Friday!  Yes I love it, and am enjoying the cheering impact the colour has against my winter wardrobe…  Each of us have our own particular vice when it comes to treating ourselves, but if you need some inspiration, here are 5 of our favorite budget friendly style boosters that you can treat yourself to now!

  1. New nail polish  A bright or sorbet shade will give you that spring feeling
  2. Bright lipstick  Try something new, ask at your local beauty counter for advice on a shade to suit you.
  3. A printed scarf  Where would we be without these? An instant wardrobe update.
  4. A statement piece of jewellery  Such as a cuff or neckpiece.  Just make sure it works with your current wardrobe, you want to wear it now!
  5. A new hairstyle  Try a new style or cut a fringe; YouTube and Pinterest can be good inspirations!


New nail polish
“Fiji” by Essie

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