Creating your unique wardrobe

“If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other.”  Groove Armada

Girl in a vintage shop

One of things that truly excites me about shopping is not only when you find that piece that is “uniquely you” but when you find something that you know you’re not going to see on a million other people!  In this mass-produced world, finding unique treasures is certainly a rare thing, and one that we often have to pay large sums for.  So when you live in a small place, how can you manage to avoid looking like everyone else?  Is it possible to create an interesting and unique wardrobe of clothes  that you love, without spending a fortune?

The simple answer is “yes”.

Luckily we are experts on the subject.  Being a creative shopper will open your mind to new ways to source and find treasured wardrobe items and here are some of our favourite ways to do this:


  • Many local boutiques only stock a small selection of each item to entice shoppers with a more exclusive shopping experience.  Too expensive?  Get in early in the sale.
  • Likewise with “Limited Edition” collections on the high street.  These are becoming more popular now and offer shoppers up to the minute designs at affordable prices.  Again, get in early for the best picks!
  • Second-hand shops and dress  agencies; it can be a trawl, but that makes finding a bargain so much more satisfying!
  • Vintage shopping both in stores and online.  A sure fire way to pick up a one-off gem.
  • We do like to support our local shops as much as possible, however the online world offers vast choice and often great value.  The best way is to shop for brands that you can’t buy in your locality and then you can feel suitably smug.
  • Hand-me-downs; this comes into the vintage category and really only works if you have a stylish older relative!
  • Learning a bit of fashion D.I.Y. will enable you to customize items of clothing to your liking and make them individual.  Alternatively, a good dress maker can do this for you.
  • Finally shopping when abroad can be great, provided you avoid the tourist traps… but try local boutiques or high street stores unique to that country.  Second hand and vintage shops really come into their own here too, not forgetting flea markets, New York, Paris… the world is your oyster.

Enjoy the hunt and like with any purchase, make sure you love it!




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