The Powerful Accessory

Jessica Healy- The Art of StyleThis week I bought something that was slightly out of my comfort zone, an oversized chunky chain necklace from Miss Daisy Blue.  As a small framed person, I usually avoid overly chunky accessories, usually only admiring them on others.  Martha actually picked it out and drew my attention to it, not surprising as she has a fantastic eye for spotting unusual and covetable items.  I had borrowed it for a photo shoot at the weekend (always a great way to fall in love with a piece) and when I went to return it, well… I guess I couldn’t!

It was only €18 and like with everything in this beautiful vintage store, there was only one, always a plus for me.  Unlike many chain necklaces,  it’s not made of metal (not sure what it is but it’s light) and has a lovely soft gold tone which is very flattering.

This got me thinking about the power of accessories and how they can dramatically change the look of a simple wardrobe item.  Of course the bolder the accessory the more of a focal point it will be and when it comes to creating that individual look, the more unusual the better.  Accessories are also a great way to experiment with a trend, or as I did, step a little outside of your style “safety zone” without a big investment.  It can be liberating to try something different and occasionally break the rules!

Coincidentally, since making the purchase, I came across a couple of fashion week street style photos both featuring similar styles!

Fashion week street style

Fashion week street style