Transitional Dressing: The Art of Layering

Transitional Dressing: The Art of Layering

I find this time of year particularly tricky when it comes to what to wear so I’m pretty sure many others will feel the same.  Spring in Ireland is unpredictable to say the least and it’s so easy to find yourself either shivering with cold or flushed with heat.  Heavy winter clothes no longer feel right and it’s too early to break out our sumer wardrobes so what’s a girl to do?  The short answer is layering… light layers that can easily be removed or added.  We’re not going to tell you to wear colourful long socks with skirts and sandals as seen on the runway at Prada, not a look most of us can carry off!  But there are some wardrobe essentials that will make this transition in Summer easier:

  • A spring coat  Preferably one that can withstand a light shower.  A mac is classic or you could go for one of this seasons pastel shades or be bold with pattern!
  • A Cotton blazer  A tailored blazer in a lightweight fabric will take you right through summer.  Navy is smart, flattering and extremely versatile but colour will give an energising lift to your spring wardrobe.
  • Cropped trousers  A flash of ankle can instantly make us feel a lot more “Spring” without baring the whole leg… too early for that!  Slim cut cropped trousers are great for work and work with both heels and flats.  The same applies for jeans.
  • Fine knitwear  Light knitwear that can be layered under your coat or jacket, ditch the chunky knits.  A good way to add colour & will work with all of the above.
  • Sheer tights  Dark opaques can start to feel heavy and dull at this time of year so lighten the dernier.  Note:  If you find very sheer tights difficult to wear, try 30 or 40 denier for a more flattering look.
  • Silk scarf  An easy way to add colour and print as well as being practical!  Again easy to remove and lightweight enough to pop into your back if you get too warm.

Spring Layering Street Style Inspiration

Spring layering: coat
Spring coat with cropped jeans
Layered styling with a blazer
Layered styling with a blazer


Spring layering: sheer tights
Sheer tights
Spring layering: knitwear
Light knitwear

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