Good Enough to Eat Skincare Favourites!

Good Enough to Eat Skincare Favourites!

This week I wanted to share some favourite products that I’m currently using in my beauty routine.  I’ve always been a fan of natural cosmetics, as a teenager I even tried to make my own using various foods, essential oils etc!  However so many companies out there claim to be “natural” but are still full of chemical nasties so it can be confusing (always check the ingredients!)

I strongly believe that we need to be very conscious of what we put on our skin day to day as we absorb a large percentage of this into our bodies and that can have all sorts of effects on us as toxins build up in our system.  A lot of the time it can be trial and error to find products that actually work.  I absolutely love trying out new products but when I find something good I usually stick to it!

First up is Cork based natural skincare brand Bia Beauty.  Created by Tracey Ryan using simple, natural food ingredients with a tagline “Feed Your Skin”.   I’ve been using several products from the Bia Beauty range for the last few months and I can honestly say they really do what they say on the pretty packaging!  The products smell good enough to eat, the creams have a lovely texture and absorb easily into the skin and you really feel like you are using something homemade in the best possible way!  I received a delivery today of their “Feed Your Face Gift Set” of which I got a very nice €10 off (an e-newsletter special offer).

 Bia Beauty Gift Box

The gift set contains:

  • Orange and Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant & Cleanser (which I use in the morning in the shower, the smell really awakens the senses!)
  • Mellow Mandarin Moisuriser (I use this as a day cream, perfect for under makeup)
  • Stop The Clock Eye Gel (I use this at night time but could be used in the morning also)
  • Lime Pie Lp Balm (have yet to try this!)

Bia Beauty Gift Box

So seeing as I had already used most of the products before, this was a no brainer!  I ordered online, delivery is free in Ireland and very fast, one or two days at the most.  It came in a lovely gift box with a hand written note and a cute little sample pot of the Apple Blossom Body Butter (which I have used before and is a gorgeous smelling rich cream).  I personally love those little touches, for me they really heighten the overall shopping experience.  For more about Bia Beauty visit their online shop.

Next is a product I recently got as a birthday gift.  It’s from an Australian brand called MooGoo – their products actually originate from a cream used in dairy farms to repair the skin on cow’s udders hence the name!  Many of their products are designed to suit irritable skin conditions so ideal for sensitive skin as well as kids and babies.  They offer a wide range of products for body and face and even have a gradual tanner (aptly named How Now Brown Cow!)

The product that I’ve been using is the Full Cream Moisturiser, packed with natural edible oils (sweet almond oil, coconut, olive) and suitable for body and face.  You apply to damp skin, it absorbs fairly fast, although it is rich and takes a bit of rubbing in, but the moisturising effects really last leaving your skin soft and glowing.  I have also used it on my face and was very impressed, fantastic to be able to use one bottle of lotion after the shower!  What’s also impressive is the company is carbon neutral and big on it’s green values so the packaging is made from recycled card and you have to love the milk carton shape box!

MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser

For more info check out their website, you’ll find information on stockists as well as lots of cute pictures of cows!

Finally I would like to add that this is not a sponsored blog post, I like to write about products and brands that I genuinely love, I hope you enjoyed it!

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