How would you describe your style?

How would you describe your style?

This is one question we always ask our clients before meeting them.  Surprisingly many answer “I have no particular style” or some even say “jeans”.  But this can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you are caught in a rut and barely have time to shop never mind plan outfits!  Many people fall back to the good ol’ reliable pieces and wear them over and over.  This is fine if it makes you feel good, but often that’s not the case.  When people come to us for help it is usually because they’ve become stuck in this rut and aren’t really sure what their style is anymore.  Somewhere along the way they have lost their own sense of style and find it difficult how to project who they are right now.

Age, lifestyle, bodyshape… None of these things stand still and that’s why it’s important to continually develop and reassess your style so you don’t wake up one day and everything in your wardrobe just feels “wrong”.

So if this is you, how can you get yourself back on track?  Well your wardrobe offers you a lot of clues. Have a look in and quickly pull out a few of your very favourite items… These should be pieces that you love wearing and always feel good in.  Lay them out on the bed and ask yourself, “Is there a common thread there?”  What do you particularly like about them?  Colour?  Pattern?  Fabric?  Detailing?  Or perhaps they are just very flattering?  What do these pieces say about you?  Sometimes it can just be a feeling but in taking a closer look it can help to identify your signature style.

If there’s nothing in your wardrobe that you love wearing (oh dear) then try to think of the last time you felt really good in an outfit. What were you wearing?

Simply by observing how you dress, your style preferences and where you take your inspiration from, you can start to build up a story of your own style and dress for the life you want to live right now.  It will take a little time and effort, but you will reap the rewards and you will look and feel amazing!


A few celebrities with distinct style personalities:

Taylor Swift style
Taylor Swift
Pretty and colourful with a feminine silhouette


Olivia Palermo style
Olivia Palermo
Modern Elegance
Ladylike, chic and perfectly accessorized



Kate Middleton style
Kate Middleton
Timeless and tailored elegance


Rachel Zoe style
Rachel Zoe
Modern Boho
Luxe and laid back with a 70’s vibe


Miranda Kerr style
Miranda Kerr
City Chic
Mixing classic with contemporary for understated cool


Tilda Swindon style
Tilda Swindon
Menswear inspired contemporary classics



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