The Dress Hunt
Reem Acra

The Dress Hunt

When it comes to consistency I’m a terrible blogger, although my intentions are good. Maybe this will be the year that that will change! So this is my first post of 2015, not surprisingly my thoughts are dominated by my upcoming wedding (215 days but who’s counting!)  Like I mentioned in my first wedding post, I’m putting my experience out there in the hope that it might be useful to other like-minded brides-to-be!

So I’m pretty happy with how the planning’s going so far, the only problem is I still don’t have my dress!  You would think this would be the easy bit for me but it turns out not so much.  The fact that I work in fashion and costume makes me pretty picky!  I also strongly believe that you need to feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day and that your dress should fit in with your own personal style.  Like your favourite wardrobe items, it should make you feel amazing, but make you feel like you.

So here’s the thing, I know what I like and don’t like, but I’m working to a budget, and that in itself is the problem.  I’m a dreamer and I have expensive taste.  Every time I see a dress that gets my heart aflutter, it turns out to be way out of my price range… The other thing about me is I’m not keen on many typical styles of wedding dresses.  So what’s a girl to do?

My dress shopping journey goes back a few months, I tried vintage shops and regular bridal shops.  I let myself be persuaded to try on various gowns knowing that brides often end up wearing something different to what they originally thought, so I was open.  I loved some of the vintage styles, but found certain aspects that I would want changed, or sometimes the fabric was irritating which was no good.  I tried on a variety of styles waiting for that wow moment… and I almost had one, that is to say there was one dress that I could imagine myself getting married in, that felt like me, but unfortunately I couldn’t justify the price (when you make clothes yourself that can be hard!)  Yes you’re probably thinking what many people have asked “Why don’t you make it yourself?”  There are a few reasons I’m not keen to do that but you never know what may happen yet!

So where am I now?  I’ve come to the likely conclusion that the dress I have in my head doesn’t exist at a price I’m willing to pay.  So I’m looking into having it made and am waiting to hear back from a designer with ideas… so fingers crossed!

In the meantime I will continue to drool over some of my favourites!

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Paolo Sebastian wedding dress
Paolo Sebastian


Leanne Marshall wedding dress
Leanne Marshall
Reem Acra bridal
Reem Acra
Samuelle Couture wedding dress
Samuelle Couture
Zuhair Maurad wedding dress
Zuhair Maurad
Marchesa Wedding dress
Zuhair Maurad Wedding dress
Zuhair Maurad

Hope you enjoyed!  As you can see I love romantic, floaty, ethereal styles (I also have a weakness for blush tones!)  I will keep you updated on my progress towards the “dream dress”…

Jessica x


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