Feel the Fear & Wear it Anyway!

Feel the Fear & Wear it Anyway!

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Have you ever wished you could wear something but were afraid of what people might think?  Afraid to stand out, or even look too stylish?  It may sound silly but this is something we often come across when working with clients.

In life, in business and even in fashion, fear is one of the biggest factors that holds us back from just going for it or even trying something new. Fear of failure, fear of looking ridiculous… But where would be be without our mistakes?  Playing it safe certainly doesn’t get you very far in life and in terms if style it’s the fast track to becoming stuck in that dreaded “style rut”.  Fashion should be about fun & feeling good and occasionally that might mean getting it wrong.

The other reason people play it safe is that they don’t want to “stand out” or they might be afraid of what other people might think.  Personal style is just that, “personal”. It needs to fit your personality and your lifestyle.  Of course comfort is an important factor and by that I mean feeling comfortable in your own skin as well as the clothes you wear.  But it’s only by trying out different styles that you’ll discover what this is for you, while occasionally pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone (the changing room is the best place to experiment!)
So the next time you hesitate to wear something you love, for whatever reason, give yourself permission to go for it, to wear what you feel good and brings a smile to your face, after all, life’s too short to wear boring clothes!
Jessica x

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