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A Clean Sweep

A Clean Sweep

Happy New Year to you! A little later than most but as yesterday marked the official end to Christmas it’s seems fitting.

It always seems unfair to have to take down all the sparkling decorations and twinkling lights at the start of a month that is so dreary!  We may have wonderful intentions of a healthy new life, goals and aspirations, but the time of year rarely leaves us in the right frame of mind to attack these!

We usually manage to accumulate a lot more “stuff” during the festive season, presents, sale items etc which of course creates more clutter in our lives which can lead to mental chaos if allowed build up!
So the taking down of the decorations can be a good way to kickstart a “New Year” home and wardrobe cleanse.  What better way to clear the decks, clear your mind and get ready for the year ahead!

When it comes to style it is so much easier to be consistently stylish with a well organised and streamlined wardrobe.  This means having less and regularly clearing out. Many women actually go clothes shopping without knowing what they need and the reality is we need very little.  This is an extreme example but think of the feeling of calm you would get when opening your wardrobe to 20 beautiful pieces that are ready to wear & fit you perfectly as opposed to a wardrobe crammed full and at least half of it is uninspiring?

Most of us store emotional baggage in our wardrobes… dreams of a younger self, thinner self, good times past, sentimental items, it’s natural to want to hang on to happy memories, but perhaps use photos for this?  Being stylish is about you and your life NOW, not five or ten years ago.
So take a deep breath and start with a drawer.  Easy enough to achieve and will motivate you to continue.  Your wardrobe should reflect you and your life now, and if one of your goals for this year is to create a more stylish you then this is the best place to start.


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