How to get your wardrobe summer ready!

How to get your wardrobe summer ready!

As I write this the sun is beating down and we are having the most glorious week weather wise!  It always feels like such a novelty to have heat in Ireland and it’s funny to see everyone rushing out to enjoy it while they can!  Luckily I had time last week to do the bi-annual seasonal wardrobe shuffle (which in normal language means packing away the winter clothes and pulling out the summer ones).  I always like to use this opportunity to do a mini clear out and spot of organizing (a guilty pleasure!)
Some of the summer pieces that were packed away didn’t make the cut this time round; certain items that I had debated over finally made the “to go” pile.  I can get quite emotionally attached to my clothes which makes this process all the harder.  I find myself saying “Oh but I love it!”  Then the sensible part of me asking “But do you wear it?”  Answer “Hmm no.”  Being ruthless is the only way to go, especially when space is precious.  Only clothes that you actually wear should be hanging in your wardrobe.  That way getting dressed is simple and quick.  For this reason I always hesitate at putting “high summer” or holiday pieces in my main wardrobe and usually find some drawer or shelf to store them out of the way.
This exercise is also a great way of assessing what your summer wardrobe is lacking.  A few key pieces can be enough to really expand what you have.  Keeping your work wardrobe separate (if you have one) again makes things really simple in terms of spotting gaps and creating a shopping list.
I found myself with a very full wardrobe this time round after editing as much as I could!  So will need to revisit again in September and in the meantime I’ll keep dreaming about that walk in wardrobe!
If you’re in the throes of getting your wardrobe summer ready here are a few tips:
  • Although we’ve been blessed with sunshine this week, Irish summers are notoriously unpredictable so many key pieces will actually work year round such as your jeans, casual jackets, light knitwear etc.  It’s a good idea to invest in items that work for both seasons.
  • Be careful about investing in “high summer” pieces unless you have the lifestyle for it (house on the med?) as we tend not to get as much wear out of them.
  • When pulling out items that you didn’t wear last summer, question whether you really want to hang on to it?  Do you love it?  Where will you wear it?
  • Another good question to ask is “If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?”  Sometimes we just move on with our style and what we once loved doesn’t work any longer.
  • Shop your wardrobe:  Is there something that you love but never seem to wear?  What do you need to make it work?
  • If you’re not sure if you still like something or if it fits, try it on, it’s the only way and takes seconds!
  • Put together a small list of what you need and keep in your wallet.  This will avoid impulse purchases and mistakes that create more clutter.
  • Be careful not to repeat buy and end up with loads of casual tops then nothing to go with them!



If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Wardrobe Therapy service please feel free to ask us!  Until next time, enjoy the sunshine!



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