Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring
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Refresh Your Wardrobe For Spring

We’re currently at that awkward time of the year between seasons, it’s technically Spring but the weather is so unpredictable that we end up in our winter clothes most of the time!  Doesn’t this winter just feel so long? Of course the recent snow didn’t help (and apparently more freezing temperatures are on the way).  Meanwhile Spring fashion floods into the shops and looking into your wardrobe can leave you feeling quite uninspired and desperate for a new season injection. So what to do? We always advise clients to look in their wardrobes first before going shopping, and at this time of year, even though Summer feels far away, it’s nice to give your wardrobe a bit of a refresh, move things around and organise according to your current needs.  This isn’t a complete overhaul and shouldn’t take too long.  Ideal for those short on time (which lets face it is most off us!)


Here’s how:

  • It’s always a good idea to have a charity bag on hand when doing any kind of wardrobe tidy, it helps prevent a major build up of clutter
  • Go through your wardrobe and take out any heavier winter items. Certain items just seem out of place in Spring even if when it’s cold such as brocade, velvet, anything Christmassy etc!
  • While doing this this you may come across items that you no longer wear and have been meaning to get rid of. Say goodbye to these and put these in the charity bag.
  • If you have Spring/Summer items packed away quickly go through and pull out anything that could be worn now (even layered up)
  • The idea is that everything in your wardrobe should be wearable right now.
  • Organise what’s left into categories (skirts, jackets, jeans etc) this just makes it easier to find things and see what you have at a glance. We strongly recommend one item per hanger and folded items stored in a way that everything can be seen. Storing vertically “Konmari” style is great for this.
  • As you tidy can you see any obvious gaps? Or anything you definitely don’t need? Is there an item that you love but find hard to style? What item could you buy that would make it work
  • It can be helpful to think in terms of lifestyle here too… for example do you have enough casual items but need a few pieces for your workwear?  Do you have something to wear for a night out?
  • Don’t forget to check footwear!
  • Write a shopping list. Any new piece should build on what you already have and create lots more outfit options.

That’s it. It’s really just about getting your wardrobe to work for you and focusing on what you need regardless of fashion trends.  Of course this will need to be done again in the Summer but it’s a good way to ease into it.  When you know what you need you can shop smart and avoid making costly mistakes.  We’re all about making fashion work for you not the other way around.  Happy shopping!

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