Irish Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Irish Summer Wardrobe Essentials

May is usually the month when I finally pack away the last of my winter items and bring out my summer clothes. After a very long winter I think most Irish women are more than ready to lose the layers and embrace as many sunny days as we can get!

I can honestly say that I really don’t invest in summer clothes and my summer wardrobe is therefore on the minimal side. I also find that I have these items for longer as they don’t get as much wear!  Living in Ireland means being prepared for all kinds of weather and most of it mild and damp (sorry if that sounds pessimistic… We actually seem to having some kind of heatwave as I write this!) So I generally prefer to play it safe and invest in items that work year round then build on that with more seasonal items. The reality is we almost need two summer wardrobes… one for our Irish summer and one for sun holidays! I have a bunch of “high summer” items that don’t get worn much unless we go away and I keep them separate to my main wardrobe (so I don’t depress myself looking at shorts on a drizzly day).

So what summer items actually make sense for our climate?

We’ve put together a list of pieces we feel give good options when it comes to having something to wear whatever the weather while still giving you that summer feeling!

Note: These are only suggestions are very much dependent on your own taste and lifestyle.

  • Summer denim. Well we couldn’t have an essentials list without jeans… but for summer it’s nice to change it up with a more relaxed shape. Wide leg or cut off straight leg jeans look great at the moment. If you’re brave enough, getting a scissors and chopping the ends off and old pair leaving a raw edge will bring you bang up to date!
  • Lightweight jacket. This could be denim, military inspired, biker… ideally something that can be thrown over many an outfit!
  • Summer sweater. Either a cotton knit or sweatshirt type, preferably one that would work with either skirts or jeans.
  • Trainers. Can be worn with pretty much everything and perfect for showery days (sandals and rain just don’t mix!)
  • Another pair of rainy day shoes. Basically not sandals… smart flats, summer ankle boots, brogues are all good options (depending on your taste and lifestyle)
  • Long skirt. A maxi or midi skirt (whichever your preference) will warm your legs on cooler days as well as hiding a multitude!
  • Flattering trousers. Summer trousers can be a minefield with all the prints, florals, unflattering floaty fabrics! Whatever style you choose make sure they flatter your shape and are as easy throw on as your favourite jeans.
  • Denim shirt. Or other shirt or blouse of choice. It’s good to have a long sleeve that can be rolled up if needed. Can be tucked in or worn loose, buttoned up or open with a vest underneath… so many options! Also works year round which is a bonus.
  • Short sleeve T-shirts.  These will basically go with anything (one plain, one colour, one striped is a good rule of thumb). Also good layered under dresses with spaghetti straps.
  • Summer dress with sleeves. Because having sleeves eliminates the need to wear something over the dress, except maybe a jacket.
  • Jumpsuit. For those occasions when you want to look a bit smarter without being “dressy”. Great for day to night dressing and you don’t need to worry about your legs!
  • Blazer. If you require a smarter option to the light summer jacket… a blazer makes you look smart and “put together” in an instant.
  • Rain jacket. There are actually loads around at the moment so take your pick!

Now that I’ve written this post we’ll probably have a blazing hot summer! Wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

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