Why Declutter?
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Why Declutter?

Since I last wrote a post about this, decluttering has become such a hot topic! Why? Because many people now understand the wonderful benefits of simplifying your life (reducing stress is a big one!) We usually manage to accumulate a lot more “stuff” during the festive season so January does seem like the ideal time to get stuck in, cross it off your list and leave yourself with a great feeling of acomplishment! What better way to clear the decks, clear your mind and get ready for the year ahead!

So you want to do this but where do you start? Our expertise in this area is of course the wardrobe. Helping our clients to declutter, organise and make the most of their wardrobes is something we really enjoy doing. We see first hand how the stress melts away and our clients feel lighter by the end of the session. It’s so much easier to get ready and feel good on a daily basis with a well-organised and streamlined wardrobe. This is an extreme example but think of the feeling of calm you would get when opening your wardrobe to 20 beautiful pieces that are ready to wear & fit you perfectly as opposed to a wardrobe crammed full and at least half of it is uninspiring?

TIP: Lacking in time? If you feel like you don’t have enough time to empty out your whole wardrobe simply start with one category e.g. jeans. Take them all out and pick out the ones you regularly wear and feel good in. If there’s any pairs you do like but haven’t been wearing ask yourself why? Perhaps they need an alteration? Let go of any items that no longer serve you and your current lifestyle.

An important part of the process is the “why?” What is it about your favorite and most worn items that you like? Is there a common thread (excuse the pun!) On the other hand, any rarely worn pieces might give you valuable insight into what no longer works for you. It’s all about honing your true style, paring back to reveal what really feels like you.

Most of us store emotional baggage in our wardrobes and this can make it hard to let go. It’s very natural to want to hang on to happy memories, but perhaps use photos for this?
Your wardrobe should reflect you and your life now, and if one of your goals for this year is to develop your own personal style (and get the “feel good factor” back) then this is the place to start.

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