How to: Wear a silk scarf

How to: Wear a silk scarf

As Spring approaches (or is it here? I’m never quite sure) why not swap knitted scarves for pretty silk squares. They feel lovely to wear and add that flattering accent of colour near your face. Adding an accessory like this adds that extra “something” to a simple outfit creating a more styled and put together look. Here are a few tips and ways to wear:

This is a favourite of mine because it’s understated, stays in place and doesn’t leave billowy ends that can sometimes feel “too much”. The starting point to create this style (and many others) is to fold the square in half into a triangle, then fold in from the pointy end towards the long straight side to make a long strip a couple of inches wide. See the image below for how to create the look.

With a smaller silk square simple wrap around once and tie in a knot. You can of course layer this up with jewellery (see below).

A colourful scarf will add a lovely pop of colour to a neutral outfit. Always choose a colour that you love and that lights up your face. Unsure what colours suit you? Learn about our Colour Analysis service.

For a more relaxed look (with a sailor vibe!) tie the scarf loosely around your neck and leave the ends hang down. Try pairing a printed scarf with a striped top for a playful look (see below).

Wear over a polo neck for classic styling (reminds me slightly of one of my aunts but in a good way!) A larger square, folded, tied once at the neck and allowed to hang creates a bolder look.

Wear in your hair! If you like the headband look you can also create this with a silk scarf. You can also add a knot to the centre of the band before tying (knotted headbands are big news again for Spring and this is an easy way to cheat it).

Or tie around your bun or ponytail. The less perfect your hair looks here the better for a more “effortless” look.

We hope that has given you some ideas of how to easily accessorise your look using a silk scarf. Why not give it a go? Personal style is so much about the details, they really do elevate your look!

Until next time.

M & J x

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