How To Create a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

How To Create a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

As I write this I’m currently expecting baby number two. If you are reading this and you’re pregnant then congratulations!  I’ve been wanted to put this post out for a while as I know it’s an area that many women struggle with, what to buy and how to retain a sense of your own style whilst pregnant!  
I’m very much a believer in buying for the long term which is of course not what maternity wear is!  Even though it can feel long, it’s a relatively short time. Although a pregnancy lasts about nine months, we might only wear maternity clothing for around six months of that (and sometimes for a little while after the birth). So the idea of buying minimally and creating a capsule wardrobe of simple, versatile pieces that you feel good in, really is the way to go. Here’s how:

1. Start with your wardrobe. 
When putting together any type of wardrobe the first thing to do is look at what you have. If you can, put away any items that won’t fit over the coming months (anything waisted for example). This makes it easier to see what you have and where there are gaps. You will probably have items in your wardrobe that you can continue to wear (for a while at least) such as anything oversized or loose cut, floaty blouses, cardigans, dresses or tops with stretch, shirts (can be worn open) etc. 

2. Consider your lifestyle 
What will you be spending your time doing?  What type of outfits will you need? For me, this time around was very different. Due to the current Covid pandemic, I knew I’d be spending lots of time at home and that I needed very little work wear or dressier items. So I chose pieces that could cross over, be worn casually or styled up for a smarter work look. 

3. Have fun styling your bump! 
Sometimes it can feel like maternity clothing is not what we might usually wear at all. But this can be an opportunity to play with some different styles that can look great whilst pregnant (such as figure hugging dresses to show off your bump). Think about a few maternity “looks” that you like and base your shopping list around those key pieces. There are lots of ideas online and via social media that you can get inspiration from.  Just make sure they also tick the boxes for your current lifestyle too. 

Image from Pinterest

4. Make it seasonal 
This almost goes without saying but the key is to consider the season when you will be your biggest! For me, this time it was autumn/winter. Even though I was pregnant during the summer, I made do with what I already had and invested in key A/W pieces instead. I also had to buy a maternity coat which I didn’t need the last time (see below).

€59.99 H&M

5. Focus on versatile basics
This is essential for any capsule wardrobe. You want the items you buy to be wearable in different situations as well as giving you “ways to wear” options. I went for a lot of neutrals for this reason as it makes things much easier! Some of the key pieces I purchased were jeans (of course), leather look leggings, some basic long sleeve tops, a couple of floaty dresses to wear with tights and boots, an oversized sweatshirt & some cosy knitwear. Remember to shop non-maternity ranges too as there are lots of relaxed shapes and styles out there that can work and may have a life beyond pregnancy.

6. Think about what you will wear post birth.’
That time after your baby is born can be emotional and exhausting (it’s also a wonderful & special time too don’t get me wrong!) Having some items that are soft and comfy whilst making you feel good can make a small but positive difference in how you feel.  I recently purchased a lovely soft nursing hoodie from Gap which also happens to fit me now (usually not a fan of most “nursing” clothing but with a January baby I didn’t want to be lifting up all the layers to feed!)  Another item I bought was a very soft cashmere sweater from TK Maxx. It’s not maternity, but I purchased it in the size up, it will probably fit me for another month or so and I will look forward to wearing it again post-partum. Allocating a little spending for clothing to wear at this time is definitely worth it!

Gap nursing hoodie (Seraphine have similar here)

So that’s it. I hope you found those tips helpful. If you are interested in any more posts on this topic please let me know!

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