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How to Shop Smart in the Sales

Well we all love a bargain, but its only a bargain if you love it and wear it.  I'm sure we all have something unworn, tucked away at the back of the wardrobe with sale tickets still on... So before you rush out to "bag that bargain" here are a few pointers: Ask yourself the following questions before you buy... Do I need it? Where will I wear it? Does it compliment other things in my wardrobe? Does it fit in with my current lifestyle Is the size right?  Often odd sizes are left in…


Irish Summer Wardrobe Essentials

May is usually the month when I finally pack away the last of my winter items and bring out my summer clothes. After a very long winter I think most Irish women are more than ready to lose the layers and embrace as many sunny days as we can get! I can honestly say that I really don’t invest in summer clothes and my summer wardrobe is therefore on the minimal side. I also find that I have these items for longer as they don’t get as much wear!  Living in Ireland means being prepared…

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Style Tips For New Mums

It's been a hectic seven months since the birth of my baby boy and boy has it flown! Time is now more precious than ever and finding time for yourself post-baby is a real challenge. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, not helped by the lack of sleep and hormones all over the place! Helping busy mums with their wardrobes is something we have always done, however there’s nothing like first hand experience, especially when it comes to the life altering reality of being a new mum! I’m actually…