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Our New Online Service

Since the start of this pandemic we have been trying to figure out the best way to move forward with our business. After a little time out and lots of thinking we really feel that our Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Therapy services are best done face to face so that our clients can really get the full benefit of these services. Thankfully shops are slowly reopening and hopefully we can update you soon on when these services will resume! We do understand, however, that some of you may not be comfortable venturing out into the…


Simple Tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe

I've wanted to post about this for a while but hesitated because it's such a vast topic and something we are all trying to learn and figure out (also learning the truth about fast fashion is really quite terrifying and who can blame people for wanting to stick their heads in the sand). So I went off and did a little more research on the subject and realised two things. First that a lot of it isn't black and white and second, that being more sustainable in a fashion sense was largely a mindset. The…


How to: Wear a silk scarf

As Spring approaches (or is it here? I’m never quite sure) why not swap knitted scarves for pretty silk squares. They feel lovely to wear and add that flattering accent of colour near your face. Adding an accessory like this adds that extra “something” to a simple outfit creating a more styled and put together look. Here are a few tips and ways to wear: This is a favourite of mine because it's understated, stays in place and doesn't leave billowy ends that can sometimes feel "too much". The starting point to create this style…