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A stylish Mother’s day treat

Mother's are special as we all know and the bond between a mother and daughter is quite a unique thing.   This can come into it's own when out shopping!  How often have you  relied on you mother's or daughter's opinion when it comes to making fashion choices? So to celebrate Mother's days this year we'd like to offer a special gift package of shopping and style for you and your mum!  Enjoy a stress free shopping trip with the mother and daughter style team where you can both learn how to dress for your…


Show your true colours

There is no denying the overwhelming profusion of colour this season.  The designers went colour crazy and of course their influence has filtered down to the high street stores, which are awash with a whole host colours and tones, enough shades to make your mouth water...  So if your wardrobe is seriously lacking in colour now is the time to remedy that! With so much on offer it can be easy to get sidetracked, especially if you have magpie tendencies!  Just walking through the shops of late is enough to life your sprits and excite…


Spring forward: Simple ways to update you look now

Over the coming weeks we're going to be guiding you through some of the gorgeous new season trends, showing you how to wear them and sharing our favorite picks from the high street. Even though it’s still cold out there, that doesn’t mean you can’t start to enjoy the lighter and brighter mood of the new season.  Updating your look often isn't about buying the latest "trendy" items but tweaking what you have to put a new spin on them.  You probably already have several "on-trend" pieces in your wardrobe, even if they are last…