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Our Top Ten Life & Style resolutions for 2012

If you haven’t already started your new year’s resolutions, there’s still plenty of time to begin.  In fact mid-January is often a more realistic time to start as the holiday season is well and truly over.  It shouldn’t be a chore, but a chance to do something positive for yourself. So here are our resolutions (in no particular order) to help put a spring in your step: Find time for yourself.  We always say this, but how many of us actually do it?  Even 30 minutes of “me time”, doing something you really enjoy (or…

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Welcome to The Art of Style Blog

Here we are stepping bravely into 2012 with a new blog.  This is the first of many which we hope will inspire, energize and spark off some new ideas for you and your wardrobe.  Our blog is therefore for you, and we would like you to tell us if there’s any particular areas of fashion and style you would like us to write about.  Our aim, as always, is to help you look and feel your best within your budget. We believe everyone has the potential to look stylish. Being stylish is not about money…