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How to: Wear a silk scarf

As Spring approaches (or is it here? I’m never quite sure) why not swap knitted scarves for pretty silk squares. They feel lovely to wear and add that flattering accent of colour near your face. Adding an accessory like this adds that extra “something” to a simple outfit creating a more styled and put together look. Here are a few tips and ways to wear: This is a favourite of mine because it's understated, stays in place and doesn't leave billowy ends that can sometimes feel "too much". The starting point to create this style…


Accessorizing: Stripes and Jewels

One of the things we love to do is to play with unusual or "odd" combinations when styling, always with the aim to create something that we find pleasing to the eye, interesting to look at and a little different.  So when I recently came across this sweet little bag in Accessorize, with it's nautical stripes and colourful jewelled embellishment, it reminded me how much I love that combination of stripes and jewels. This isn't anything particularly new nor will it be to everyone's taste but it's one of those "high/low" mixes that somehow feels…

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D.I.Y. Necklace

We love versatility and when you're creative with what you have, you don't actually need loads!  Creating  multiple looks based on one item is something we love doing and this is how we help our clients to make the most of their wardrobes.  The same can be done with accessories, there is often more than one way to wear most items... So I thought I would share one of our simple tricks with you which is how to wear a long beaded necklace as a short chunky statement piece.  Here is how you do it:…