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Style Tips For New Mums

It's been a hectic seven months since the birth of my baby boy and boy has it flown! Time is now more precious than ever and finding time for yourself post-baby is a real challenge. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, not helped by the lack of sleep and hormones all over the place! Helping busy mums with their wardrobes is something we have always done, however there’s nothing like first hand experience, especially when it comes to the life altering reality of being a new mum! I’m actually…

Maternity Style: On a Budget!
Vintage dress from Mercury Goes Retrograde

Maternity Style: On a Budget!

This is my first ever blog post on this subject, not that we haven't had pregnant clients in the past, but I'm currently in a position to know a bit more on this topic. There's nothing like first hand experience! I'm sure every pregnant woman will have different ideas (and a different style) and find some things that work for them better than others.  So this will be from my point of view and hopefully have some tips for anyone struggling with what to wear! I'm currently 32 week so I'm the final stretch and…

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