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Simple Tips for a Sustainable Wardrobe

I've wanted to post about this for a while but hesitated because it's such a vast topic and something we are all trying to learn and figure out (also learning the truth about fast fashion is really quite terrifying and who can blame people for wanting to stick their heads in the sand). So I went off and did a little more research on the subject and realised two things. First that a lot of it isn't black and white and second, that being more sustainable in a fashion sense was largely a mindset. The…


Feel the Fear & Wear it Anyway!

Have you ever wished you could wear something but were afraid of what people might think?  Afraid to stand out, or even look too stylish?  It may sound silly but this is something we often come across when working with clients. In life, in business and even in fashion, fear is one of the biggest factors that holds us back from just going for it or even trying something new. Fear of failure, fear of looking ridiculous... But where would be be without our mistakes?  Playing it safe certainly doesn't get you very far in…


How would you describe your style?

This is one question we always ask our clients before meeting them.  Surprisingly many answer "I have no particular style" or some even say "jeans".  But this can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you are caught in a rut and barely have time to shop never mind plan outfits!  Many people fall back to the good ol' reliable pieces and wear them over and over.  This is fine if it makes you feel good, but often that's not the case.  When people come to us for help it is usually because they've…