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How to Shop Smart in the Sales

Well we all love a bargain, but its only a bargain if you love it and wear it.  I'm sure we all have something unworn, tucked away at the back of the wardrobe with sale tickets still on... So before you rush out to "bag that bargain" here are a few pointers: Ask yourself the following questions before you buy... Do I need it? Where will I wear it? Does it compliment other things in my wardrobe? Does it fit in with my current lifestyle Is the size right?  Often odd sizes are left in…


Early Spring Wardrobe Updates!

We made it through January yay!  Yes it's freezing cold buy we can finally look forward to the coming Spring and that of course means the perfect excuse for a little shopping!  We love the start of a new season, seeing the new collections making their way into stores, mentally adding items to our wishlist!  Those of you who shop early know only too well the best pieces can be snapped up at this time.  The first drop of the Spring collections are a lot more wearable for the Irish climate than high Summer making…

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Understanding Colour

Enough already with dull January!  I'm not one to be particularly bothered with the weather (how un-Irish of me) but seriously the endless grey days are getting a bit much now... So let's think about lighter and brighter things, Spring approaching and more colour in our lives! We often get people asking us "What colours should I be wearing?" And while we can advise people off the cuff, it's much better for individuals to gain an understanding of what really works for them and why. That way they can learn how to select flattering colours…