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The Dress Hunt (Finale!)

As I write this my wedding is over six weeks ago and my dress is in the dry cleaners.  How time has flown!  But I'm delighted to finally be able to share the final chapter of this story and more importantly photos of my dress from the big day (I only just received my high res images). I have to say I'm sad the journey is over (not the wedding, it's nice to be done with all the planning) but the creation of my dress was a really special experience for me, so much so…


Wedding Details (last post before big day!)

It's been a while since my last wedding related post and as I write this there's only a few days to go! The reason this is so late is due to my hectic work life of late, specifically my role as Costume Designer and Supervisor for Cork Opera House's summer musical "Singin' in the Rain". So the last couple of months have given me very little time to think about the wedding, which many people have said is a good thing as it meant I wasn't able to fuss or obsess over details. The details…


The Dress Hunt (continued!)

So a lot has happened since part one!  I'm so happy to say that my dress is currently being made and I've already had one fitting last week (which prompted this post). At the end of my last post I was waiting on sketches from a designer and was unsure of how my dress would materialize.  What I discovered during my time dress shopping is that if you want something a bit different but still "bridal" you looking at spending a crazy amount of money or making your own.  I chose the latter!  Luckily the…

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