Style Consultation: Define Your Style

(1 hour)

“It’s not money that makes you well dressed, it’s understanding” Christian Dior.

Do you feel like you have lost your way in terms of style?

Maybe you can no longer wear what you wore five or ten years ago and have lost your style path?

This is natural as styles change and people change, but it’s good to embrace it and have a fresh new start. There is a style out there for everyone and we will help you discover the exciting new possibilities that exist for you.

This session is about defining a style that works for you and your life now and helping you to regain your style confidence. Fantastic style is something you learn, but an important element of this is knowing what works for you. If you are stuck in a style rut, don’t know what to buy, where to shop or even where to start, this service can help you:

• Re-asses your current lifestyle and wardrobe needs

• Learn what suits you best in terms of style, colour & fabrics

• Discover ways to highlight your best features

• Learn where & how to shop within budget

• Discover your unique style personality

• Tips and tricks on how to express your style

• Put together an action plan for your continued style journey

The session is followed up with your personalized e-style guide and tips.We also offer this service by Skype.

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