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What are your key pieces?

Jessica's new season wish list... It's at this time of the year when I start to reassess my wardrobe, thinking about the season ahead and making mental shopping lists of what I need. I'm waiting for a day when I can do my end of season clear out which always helps this process! Moving on items that no longer work is somehow cleansing and can feel like a fresh start, a kind of "back to school" fashion ritual! A new fashion season is always exciting, but autumn/winter is the one that really gets my juices…


Cosy and Chic

One very chilly autumn day, I decided to retrieve my box of winter woollies which were stored away as always with a bag of lavender (to keep moths at bay!)  Apart from the lovely smell when I open the box there is that initial exciting moment in wondering what fabulous fashion items I may have forgotten that I had. The first thing to hand was a fine stretch black polo neck a favorite basic for winter layering, looking a bit faded I am thrilled to see they are a big trend for autumn/winter 2012. As well as being seen at the Dior…


24/7 Autumn Style

Our concept behind this photo shoot was “24/7 Autumn Style” using some versatile key pieces from the rich autumn/winter colour pallate to update your wardrobe. We love the opulent mood of the collections that have hit the shops, from the rich hue's of burgundy and forest green to uplifting shades of orange and cobalt blue. We also wanted to use different textures and fabrics to incorporate a hint of the luxe vibe from this seasons trends. The luxe embellished fabrics, textures and prints are truly exciting not to mention accessories, the low-cost way of an…

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