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How to Shop Smart in the Sales

Well we all love a bargain, but its only a bargain if you love it and wear it.  I'm sure we all have something unworn, tucked away at the back of the wardrobe with sale tickets still on... So before you rush out to "bag that bargain" here are a few pointers: Ask yourself the following questions before you buy... Do I need it? Where will I wear it? Does it compliment other things in my wardrobe? Does it fit in with my current lifestyle Is the size right?  Often odd sizes are left in…


Creating your unique wardrobe

"If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other."  Groove Armada One of things that truly excites me about shopping is not only when you find that piece that is "uniquely you" but when you find something that you know you're not going to see on a million other people!  In this mass-produced world, finding unique treasures is certainly a rare thing, and one that we often have to pay large sums for.  So when you live in a small place, how can you manage to avoid looking like everyone else?…