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Are Trends Over?

Last the weekend we had the pleasure of styling a vintage inspired photo shoot and fashion show as part of UCC Fashion Week. The elegance and timeless appeal of vintage fashion has always had a fascination for us. The beauty of it is that even though fashion is constantly evolving many of these classic styles never date, not to mention the fact that designers constantly refer to the past as a source of inspiration for their collections. Here at the art of style, our focus has always been on style over fashion, our belief that understanding…


The Powerful Accessory

This week I bought something that was slightly out of my comfort zone, an oversized chunky chain necklace from Miss Daisy Blue.  As a small framed person, I usually avoid overly chunky accessories, usually only admiring them on others.  Martha actually picked it out and drew my attention to it, not surprising as she has a fantastic eye for spotting unusual and covetable items.  I had borrowed it for a photo shoot at the weekend (always a great way to fall in love with a piece) and when I went to return it, well... I…

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Creating your unique wardrobe

"If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other."  Groove Armada One of things that truly excites me about shopping is not only when you find that piece that is "uniquely you" but when you find something that you know you're not going to see on a million other people!  In this mass-produced world, finding unique treasures is certainly a rare thing, and one that we often have to pay large sums for.  So when you live in a small place, how can you manage to avoid looking like everyone else?…

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