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How would you describe your style?

This is one question we always ask our clients before meeting them.  Surprisingly many answer "I have no particular style" or some even say "jeans".  But this can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you are caught in a rut and barely have time to shop never mind plan outfits!  Many people fall back to the good ol' reliable pieces and wear them over and over.  This is fine if it makes you feel good, but often that's not the case.  When people come to us for help it is usually because they've…


The Art of Style Wardrobe Challenge!

During our Wardrobe Therapy consultations, one thing that is common with nearly everyone, is that people don't really utilise what they have in their wardrobes.  This is often due to habit (and having so much clothing packed in that you can't see what you have) which leads to getting stuck wearing the same clothes all the time!  Sound familiar? Well a fun way to shake this up, is to wear a new outfit everyday for a week.  Just to be clear, an "outfit" is a combination of clothing and accessories worn together.  Keeping it simple,…


Time for a wardrobe detox?

At this time of year many of us are thinking about detoxing our bodies and getting fit, but if new year's resolutions have gone by the wayside how about a wardrobe “detox”?  De-cluttering your wardrobe is a little less taxing but very energizing, as it helps you let go of emotional baggage and move on to where you want to be in terms of style.  By the end of the January most of the sales have finished and the new season stock is only just filtering into the shops so it’s the perfect time to…

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