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This is what our clients say …

Emer White

I really enjoyed the whole experience of shopping with you both. You brought such professionalism and expertise to it.  I know now what to look for in terms of style and colour.
I would highly recommend this service which takes the stress out of shopping.

Frances Hegarty, Business Owner, Glanmire

I have found that in the past year I have had a lot more meetings with different business people. I also found that in the morning it was taking alot of time to thing about what I was to wear that day. I contacted Jessica to organise a shopping experience and give me some ideas as to how to create a versatile wardrobe. When I met Martha and Jessica, they had a large amount of preparation already carried out and I went straight into trying on different outfits, which were all interchangeable with each other. By the end of the session they had given me significant amount of ideas and fashion tips. I also have a winter wardrobe which is easy to organise in the morning (so one less thing for me to thing about). I will be using their services again and have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Fiona O’Conner, Douglas

I would like to thank you both for the The Wardrobe Makeover that I had recently. I was really delighted with the service that you provided on the day and with the photos and notes that I received afterwards. I have been wearing the outfits that you styled for me (from my existing wardrobe!) since and getting lots of compliments.  It is great to finally know what suits me or doesn’t suit me and, more importantly, why. Thanks to the shopping list and “rules” you provided, I am definitely spending less money on clothes that don’t suit me or that I don’t need. To top it all off, the day was really fun!

Alison McLaughlin, Cork

I found it very helpful to get Jessica’s expert advice on my existing wardrobe and personal style. I really enjoyed the morning and it felt fantastic to open up possibilities again on what to wear.
She immediately put me at ease, and also gave excellent follow on advice on shopping, maintaining and organising my wardrobe.
I would strongly recommend the Art of Style for anyone who is unsure about how to look their best, and wants to make the most of their existing wardrobe. I would also highly recommend their personal shopping service, given the fact that they put so much effort and research into finding customised items for each person individually. For anyone who is time short, and wants to improve their fashion sense and overall look, this is an excellent service.


I am very happy with my purchases and they will be worn plenty over the next few months. I found the jeans shopping useful as they are so difficult  to buy and trying to get the right style and shape for me is a challenge so thank you! Also thought the time flew and it never feels like that when I go shopping!! I think I’ll be more aware of good colours for me when I go shopping again so that’s great. Overall a very enjoyable time!

Martina Earle, Cork

A great opportunity to clear out clothes that just don’t work. Learning that a few key pieces are essential and take the effort out of dressing for an occasion e.g. the lbd or the neutral shoe.